Javascript Arrays

Mozilla Docs

Create an array from a string. Access elements in an array. Slice can return any part of an array. The first argument is the start index. The optional second is the last. Splice can delete or replace a range of items from an array and return the deleted items. forEach runs a given function on each element in the array. It doesn't return anything. reduce runs a function on each element and returns a single value. map runs a function on each element and which returns a value for each element and returns a new array with these values. filter runs a boolean function against every element and returns an array of the values that resulted in a true value. array.every checks every element in an array and returns true if every element meets the given condition. Array.flat will flatten a multidemsional array. It will flatten 1 level by default. You can specify how many levels to flatten. flatMap flattens the result of a map. Create an array of all permutations of an array.