Below are some projects I've written using the React library.

Most of the apps run using Babel, so you can easily view the code.

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React Examples

Interactive examples of React code.

Public APIs

Browse public APIs via
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SVG Tools

SVG drawing tools.
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Scanned Text Cleaner

Makes it easier to clean up scanned text for an EPUB.

Average Time

Enter a list of times and get total and average.

Typing Test

Typing test which keeps track of your progress.
color band

Color Band

Try different color band formulas.


Easy, chess-like game.
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French Doors Colorizer

We installed some French doors and I wanted to experiment with color combos.

Calendar Component

Click to see next or previous months.
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Tic Tac Pawn

Simple board game with pawns.

Big Timer

Stopwatch/timer with large SVG digits.
metric quiz

Metric Quiz

Test your ability to convert between metric and imperial measurements.


Circuits rendered with hooks.
connected graph

Connected Points

Build and manipulate a web of connected points in SVG.

Atom Renderer

Render atoms with a slider.


Small project to learn about the useReducer hook.
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Binary Switches

A demonstration of binary switches and digits written with React.


An interactive abacus and soroban in React.
pointer events

Pointer Events

App that responds to mouse and touch events.
pointer coordinates

Pointer Coordinates

Show values returned from mousedown and mousemove events.

Colored Squares

Just some colored squares in a grid with useState hooks.

Buttons and Lights

Buttons and lights which can affect each other.

Moving Squares

Several components which react to mousedown and mousemove events with useEffect.

Moving SVGs

Move SVG elements around with a mouse.


A 3x3 chess game invented by Martin Gardner in 1962.
knife switch


An attempt at simulating circuits in React with ref callback methods.
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Redux Examples

Interactive examples of Redux code.