ES6 icon

ECMAScript 6 features

An interactive demo of some ECMAScript 6 features.
svg transform icon

SVG Transformations

A little script to help visualize SVG transformations.
svg animation icon

SVG Animation

A simple interactive SVG animation.
graph paper icon

Graph Paper

A simple plot pointing app.
draw icon

Drawing on Canvas

An introduction to canvas elements.
audio icon

Web Audio

A simple Web Audio demonstration.
ajax logo


An introduction to the XmlHttpRequest object.
Life icon


Conway's game of life. A very simple celluar automaton.
wallpaper icon


Interactive version of Wallpaper for the Mind from A. K. Dewdney's The Turing Omnibus.
flexbox icon


Dynamically try out different flexbox properties.
Leonhard Euler

Project Euler

Some solutions to Project Euler problems.
font icon


Read your text in a variety of fonts.

Binary Switches

A demonstration of binary switches and digits written with React.
bitwise ops

Bitwise Operators

A demonstration of Javascript's bitwise operators.

Fraction Sums

Adding and simplifying proper fractions in Javascript.
dimensions icon


Prints the values of your browser's dimensions.
calculator icon


A bc style calculator.