I was born at Saint Elizabeths's Hospital in Boston in 1968.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Boston
Briarwood Gardens, Weymouth

For four years, I lived at Briarwood Gardens in Weymouth.

We moved to Holbrook in 1972.

Our house in Holbrook

We attended St. Joseph.

St. Joseph in Holbrook

Mom would take me and my sisters to the library every week. I read a lot. I loved the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, the Happy Hollisters, the Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift, Danny Dunn, and the Three Investigators.

Holbrook Public Library

In 1978, we moved to Randolph.

Turner Free was the local library.

Turner Free Library

But I preferred the one in Avon. They had a decent sci-fi collection. It was here that I discovered Asimov, Clarke, and Bradbury.

Avon Public Library

We attended St. Michael.

St. Michael in Avon

Adulthood homes

Sean Brunnock