The following are images of noted artworks reproduced in SVG format.

Black Circle, Kazimir Malevich, 1915
Archer, Theo van Doesburg, 1919
Mechano-Faktura, Henryk Berlewi, 1924
Counter Composition XIII, Theo van Doesburg, 1926
Composition with Red Blue and Yellow, Piet Mondrian, 1930
Colors for a Large Wall, Ellsworth Kelly, 1951
This Rain, Agnes Martin, 1958
IKB 79, Yves Klein, 1959
Die Fahne Hoch!, Frank Stella, 1959
Hyena Stomp, Frank Stella, 1962
Spectrum IV, Ellsworth Kelly, 1967
Homage to the Square, Josef Albers, 1969
Chartres, Barnett Newman, 1969
Rainbow X, Jules Engel, 1969-1970
Barking Dog, Keith Haring, 1990
Color Bands in Four Directions, Sol LeWitt, 1999

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