Sites I Like

Stan Veit's archives
Stan Veit opened one of the first computer stores in the country in 1976. Back in those days, he could cold call Apple and ask for "Steve". His site has a bunch of stories about early personal computers.
Atari Magazines
Before the Web, I relied on magazines to stay up to date on the computer revolution.
Atari Archives
And here are some digitized books from the 80s.
The Online Timeline
A timeline covering online services and developments from 1961-2004.
The History of the Web
Jay Hoffman's side project.
Project Euler
Lots of math problems to solve using code. I did a bunch in Perl and JS. Yep. I'm a nerd.
The Big List of Personal Websites
Just what it says.
Folks reviving personal websites.
Folks reviving old fashioned webites.
1MB Club
Websites that are less than 1 Megabyte.
JS demos under 140 bytes.
Bence Szabo has made some amazing SVGs.
Google Books
Even better than going to the library.
Amazing collection of art.
Scripting News
Dave Winer's blog. Since 1994.
A falling sand game.